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I supervise postgraduate registered Psychological Assistants, Marriage and Family interns, and Social Work Associates in our practice as well as other licensed individuals. We only hire the highest caliber of interns and other staff with a wide variety of expertise. If you are interested in working with any of my associates, please find out more about them by clicking on their picture which will take you to their sites.

Offering Tele-Sessions During the Bay Area Shelter in Place Order

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Troy Wood, MFTI
Clinical Psychotherapist | IMF91470

I will help promote your understanding of how your formative childhood experiences have shaped you using a psychodynamic and attachment framework. I also integrate cognitive behavioral, narrative, and solution-focused techniques and mindfulness practices to this end. I have extensive experience helping clients address relationship issues, anxiety, depression, LGBTQ-related issues, and trauma.

Central to our work is creating a trusting and collaborative relationship to help you achieve your goals. We will build an authentic therapeutic relationship based on my empathic understanding and unconditional acceptance of you. I provide a safe and affirming space for you to deepen your understanding of yourself and your relationships, while helping you discover personalized solutions to your problems with a strength-based and client-centered approach.


Claudia Figallo, MPH, CATC 
Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor | CAADE156051

Claudia Figallo, MPH, CATC understands the value of personalized care when addressing drug or alcohol use concerns. She approaches her work with curiosity and creativity, allowing for a variety of interventions in order to build sustainable change around behaviors which impact relationships, finances and achieving life goals. Claudia will work alongside you to help you gain awareness around your relationship with substances and identify tools which will help you manage your life successfully.

Claudia spent twelve years working as a substance use counselor for the UCSF-Alliance Health Project.  While experienced in working with issues affecting the LGBTQ community and Transitional Age Youth, she consults with anyone seeking guidance and support around substance use. She applies principals of Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention and Creative Arts within her practice.

Kimberly Kono, PhD
Neuropsychologist | PSY22817
Dr. Kono is a Bay Area native and Clinical Neuropsychologist who has been practicing for nearly 10 years. With the use of neuropsychological testing, psychotherapy, and consultation, Dr. Kono provides compassionate services for individuals experiencing a variety of medical conditions, cognitive changes, and/or mental health symptoms. Dr. Kono works collaboratively with patients in making positive changes in their lives by empowering them with education and tools to cope with them.

With subspecialties in Health and Geropsychology, Dr. Kono knows well the intimate relationship between the body and mind, as well as issues and concerns affecting our growing elderly population.

Now Hiring New Associates

I am now hiring new Psychological Assistants.  Candidates will have completed their doctoral programs and are ready to earn post-doctoral hours.  Although I will refer clients to you, ideally, you will have clients to bring into the practice as a client-base.  Please send an introduction letter and your CV to Laura Salazar at

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